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Most information can be found in our Parent Handbook.


Is Faith Preschool a Faith Based School that teaches religion?

No. Faith Preschool was opened in 1967 to provide a preschool service to a growing community. Faith is a non secular, non-denominational preschool which accepts all students regardless of religion or ethnicity. We work diligently to include all of our students’ cultures.


Is Faith Preschool a Cooperative School?

No. Parents are not required to spend time at Faith. However, there are opportunities to volunteer time, materials or ideas for special occasions.


Does Faith Preschool take vouchers?

No. As a traditional private preschool we do not take vouchers.


Is there a reduced rate for multiple student enrollment?

Yes. Registration and tuition is reduced by 20% for siblings concurrently enrolled.


Is there a payment plan?

Tuition is typically paid September - May, but arrangements can be made to pay ahead starting at enrollment to lower monthly payments.


Is Faith Preschool SUTQ rated?

No. Faith Preschool is not required to participate in the Step Up To Quality Rating System as we do not take vouchers. However, our highly educated teachers and staff do take hours of continuing education and training beyond the 6 hours per year required by ODJFS. Our teachers also collaboratively design our curriculum with varying styles including Montesssori, High Scope and integrated STEAM materials.

Is Faith Preschool ODJFS certified?

Yes. Faith Preschool is certified by the state of Ohio Department of Jobs & Families. Our annual record of compliance is posted on the board outside the Director’s Office.


Does Faith Preschool have Before & After Care?

Faith does not offer a Before Care Service, but we have added an Extended Day Option for students to extend their day past their regular session hours until 3PM. Faith is one of the last traditional preschools in the area. The state of Ohio mandates that centers open past 4 hours provide lunch and nap-time for children who wish to rest. Parents/Guardians are required to provide a lunch that makes up 1/3 of the student's daily dietary requirements to attend Extended Day. We also work to make connections with our families for private extra care and/or transportation to and from school.


Do you provide transportation?

No. Our parents are asked to provide transportation to and from school and occasional field trips. A carpool/ transport form is provided to list the people our parents will allow to pick up their child other than themselves. A note and I.D. must be provided at pick up.


Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Students entering the 4 and 5 year old classes need to be fully toilet learned and capable of dressing and undressing themselves.

Students entering the 3 year old class should be toilet learned or have success staying dry in underwear during the day. Students are taken to the restroom regularly, and we encourage our parents to take their children before and after school hours to acclimate. Children who have had success in underwear should not wear pull ups to school if they have not been wearing them at home during the day. Accidents do happen and we will work with your child to achieve complete toilet learning success.


Do students have a snack during the day?

Our parents take turns bringing a healthy snack representing 2 food groups for the children in their child’s class. Class size, allergies and restrictions are posted at the top of our monthly snack list roster. One treat and one healthy snack can be provided on birthday treat days; volunteer lists are posted for special class treat days.


Are there any ‘special or extra’ curriculum provided during the week?

Yes. We offer weekly 'specials.'

Monday Music: early exposure to different music genres

Tuesday Show & Tell: encouraging confidence and public speaking

Wednesday Gym: exercise and large motor skills

We also explore...

Video Books: enriching the lesson plan through visual learning

Yoga and Movement: a focus on self awareness and mindfulness

We invite special guests throughout the year including but not limited to the Richmond Heights Police and Fire departments, a dentist and dental hygienist, naturalists from the Cleveland Metroparks, and other experts in curriculum related fields.


Does Faith Preschool offer summer programming?

No. Our school year runs similarly to the surrounding local school districts. We typically start in late August and end in mid to late May.