Extended Day Option

We are excited to offer an Extended Day Option starting Monday, September 16th, 2019.

Extended Day is meant to be just as is sounds, an extended day.

Upon dismissal of their regular class time, students will be supervised in play until all students not staying have been dismissed. 


Extended Day schedule will run approximately as follows:

12:30-12:45  Restroom/ Washing Hands

12:45-1:30    Lunch (Parent Provided - 1/3 of the child's recommended daily dietary allowance)

1:30-1:45      Quiet Time (Book)

1:45-2:50      Outdoor Play or Crafting

2:50-3:00      Preparation for Dismissal


Children that want to rest will be allowed a quiet place to do so. Two adults will be present in the building for ease and safety.

We will be going outside weather permitting; parents are asked to please provide the appropriate outerwear for the conditions. 

There will be no Extended Day on Holidays, Program or Field Trip Days. 

Extended day is not available Holidays or Field Trip Days.

There is a daily rate and a monthly rate for our Extended Day.  The cost is $15/day for as many days in the month as scheduled.  The cost is $11/day for students attending the 3 day (3 year old option) or 4 day(4/5 year old option) on a monthly basis. The monthly prices are below.

Monthly prices may be subject to change based on the addition of field trips.