July 27, 2020


Dear Faith Preschool Families,

The Faith Preschool Board of Trustees deeply regrets

to inform you that Faith Preschool is closing immediately

due to complications from Covid-19. We have made

every effort for months to proceed with opening for this

school year. Unfortunately, an online opening with an indefinite return date for face to face instruction proved too difficult to overcome.


Faith Preschool has had a distinguished 53 year history of educating young children. The decision to close has been both difficult and heart breaking. We take pride in our many years of providing students with an exemplary education as well as supporting and nurturing the growth of young children and their families.


We thank all of you for your support and wish your families the very best. Please stay safe and healthy. Families who paid registration fees will be reimbursed in a timely manner.



Nancy Jacquet, Chair

Rev. Gene McAffee

Donna Nedrow